PS5 32.1 Million Units Shipped PlayStation 5 Hardware Sales
Image: Push Square

Sony managed to ship an impressive 7.1 million PS5 consoles in the quarter ending 31st December, showcasing an enormous improvement in hardware availability. In the same period a year prior, it was only able to supply 3.9 million units, so it almost doubled stock availability. It’s since promised that the new-gen console will be much easier to find throughout 2023.

This means that, as of 31st December, the firm had shipped 32.1 million consoles. Speaking during a CES presentation earlier in the year, group president Jim Ryan announced that the company had surpassed 30 million units sold to consumers, so this statistic tracks with that. It means that the PS5 has now outsold the SEGA Genesis, and will soon surpass the Nintendo 64’s lifetime tally.

Obviously, the manufacturer has much higher ambitions than this, though, and is currently flooding the market with hardware. There are also rumours that a revamped, more easily manufacturable, PS5 hardware revision will launch later this year, as it looks to solidify the system’s status in the market. Expect this coming calendar year to be gigantic for the new-gen console.