Like a Dragon Ishin Trophy List

The Yakuza Like a Dragon series is no stranger to extremely tough (read: very grindy) Trophy lists — and upcoming spinoff Like a Dragon: Ishin! is another one that's aimed squarely at masochists. The title's PS5 and PS4 list is packed with what can only be described as mind-breaking Trophies — the kind of trinkets that'll take you tens of hours to unlock after having to master the game's most obscure side activities.

On top of your standard story-based Trophies (which we obviously won't spoil here), you've got gongs for beating the game on Legendary difficulty, and completing every Ultimate Challenge — those being excruciatingly cheap combat challenges that unlock after you roll the credits.

But they're just the tip of the iceberg. As alluded, the real killers are the Trophies that require some serious grinding. Basically, Ishin wants you to do everything in the game. Complete every side quest, cook every meal, forge every piece of equipment. There's one Trophy in particular that requires an overall completion rate of 100% — and that just says it all, really.

So, are you even going to try and grab Ishin's Platinum Trophy? Have you Platinumed any previous Like a Dragon titles? Never, ever stop grinding in the comments section below.