The Sims 4 may be a little long in the tooth these days, but EA will be hoping its long-awaited infants update will bring some renewed vigour to the release. The social simulation – which recently went free-to-play – has been promising infants for a little while, but they’ll finally crawl to the PS4 on 14th March, bringing an entirely new slate of snotty activities with them.

Adult Sims will be able to pick up youngsters and pass them around, while the little bundles of joy will have their own unique gameplay animations, such as burping, biting, and crawling about. You’ll even be able to customise your digital offspring, equipping them with baby grows, hats, and all kinds of other cosmetics.

Meanwhile, work continues in earnest on the next The Sims game, which is currently codenamed Project Rene. That’s currently in play-testing, with select fans able to test out a small part of the release’s apartment customisation mechanics. Developer Maxis says the entire game will be playable both solo or with friends in multiplayer, but crucially won’t be an MMO, instead allowing you to invite buddies into your world whenever you feel like it.