Gran Turismo 7 GT7 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Gran Turismo 7’s anticipated – and, at least in previews, acclaimed – free PSVR2 update will release worldwide on 21st February, a day before the headset itself. Series creator Polyphony Digital revealed that update 1.29 will begin rolling out from next Tuesday, giving you ample time to download and install it ahead of the peripheral’s worldwide release.

“GT7 takes full advantage of PSVR2’s next-gen features,” a blog post reads. “Utilising specially optimised HDR tone mapping, as well as foveated rendering from the eye-tracking feature (a technology that renders areas of the screen that the player is directly looking at in high definition), and dynamic 3D audio support, players will experience a whole new dimension of highly immersive gameplay.”

The post goes on to detail the features of the PSVR2 update, which include the ability to play the entire game in virtual reality, as well as the newly added VR Showroom. The latter, for those who haven’t been keeping up, will allow you to observe your entire fleet of vehicles in intricate, up-close detail.

You can check out some new screenshots through the link, and refer to our list of All PSVR2 Launch Games through the link.