Gran Turismo 7 PS5 PSVR2 Virtual Reality Free Update

Gran Turismo 7 will round out a slate of more than 30 PSVR2 launch games, when it receives a free virtual reality update on 22nd February, 2023 for all existing owners of the simulation racing game. It’s not the first GT game to support a virtual reality headset, as its predecessor Gran Turismo Sport famously included some PSVR features – although the compatibility was limited to head-on-head races and time trials.

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At the time of publication, it’s unclear how deep Gran Turismo 7’s support for PSVR2 will run, but a screenshot shows a full pack of cars on screen, so it’s perhaps safe to assume that the full game may be playable in virtual reality this time. We’ll check with Sony and update the article as soon as we learn more.