Gran Turismo 7 GT7 PS5 PlayStation 5 Sony PSVR2 VR Showroom Mode Upgrade

We already know the entire Gran Turismo 7 experience will be playable in PSVR2, which is obviously huge news. But one feature that’s been announced as part of the latest round of hands on previews is the addition of an entire mode: the VR Showroom.

Okay, so functionally, this is exactly what it says on the tin: you access it from your Garage, and it allows you to observe all 450 or so of the game’s currently included cars in virtual reality. The beauty here is that it really allows developer Polyphony Digital to flex its outstanding attention to detail: you can lean in on each piece of fibreglass, intricately ogle every dial, and generally appreciate the beauty of each vehicle in the game, as if you’re standing next to it.

Obviously with the entire campaign on offer, you’re probably going to have better things to do once you’ve observed several of the cars in your collection. But we like this feature a lot, and we’re looking forward to checking out some of our favourites once the free update releases on 22nd February.