From the makers of Fracked comes a new virtual reality shooter, Synapse. Built from the start with PSVR2 in mind, this stylish first-person action title looks pretty dang good in its debut teaser trailer.

The main thrust of the gameplay revolves around your two offensive options. In one hand, you can use telekinesis to throw enemies and objects around at will, controlling it like-for-like with your own hand gestures. In the other hand, you'll be firing on foes with a range of guns.

The game makes use of eye-tracked aiming to allow you to make the most of both abilities, allowing players to combine psychic powers and firearms how they choose. It'll also take advantage of things like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

It looks like a lot of fun — we're excited to give it a try when it launches exclusively for PSVR2 later this year. What do you think of Synapse? Tell us in the comments section below.