Gran Turismo 7 is just about to receive a major update, the headline addition of course being full support for PSVR2. The PS5 version of the game will be totally playable in virtual reality, and should be a great showpiece for the new hardware. To celebrate this momentous occasion, you'll soon be able to claim some GT7-themed DLC for a completely unrelated game.

That's right — Sackboy: A Big Adventure is back with another round of free costumes, and this time you can dress like a race car driver:

Undeniably cute outfits, we're sure you'll agree. This is the first time we can recall where one first party game has produced DLC to celebrate the launch of a patch in another. Still, it's all in the spirit of fun. The racing suits will be available from PS Store on 24th February.

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Will you be nabbing these outfits in Sackboy: A Big Adventure? Put your seatbelts on in the comments section below.