Street Fighter 6 News

Kicking off on the 12th February and lasting a whole week, Capcom Cup IX will see pro Street Fighter V players duke it out for fame and glory. As is usually the case with big fighting game events, fans had been anticipating fresh Street Fighter 6 news during the finals, but, somewhat surprisingly, that's not going to happen.

In an official statement on the subject, Capcom has confirmed that it won't be sharing any updates on Street Fighter 6 at the tournament. It sounds like the company would rather focus on the game that's actually being played — Street Fighter V — instead of potentially overshadowing the competition with announcements.

It is a bit of a shame, though. Fans are obviously looking forward to Street Fighter 6, and this would have been the perfect venue to drum up yet more hype ahead of the game's June release date.

But for what it's worth, Capcom does say that "the next round of exciting Street Fighter 6 news will be hitting in the not too distant future". More character trailers are inevitable, but we do wonder whether the developer has any additional surprises up it sleeve.

Were you hoping for Street Fighter 6 news during Capcom Cup? Stick with Street Fighter V for just a bit longer in the comments section below.