Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon PS5 PS4 PlayStation

Details are scarce concerning developer FromSoftware's next announced project, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon. We know it won't feature gameplay akin to the studio's more recent titles, like Elden Ring or Bloodborne, and will instead stay faithful to the series' roots, which go back some 25 years.

Speaking at BNE FUN LOVE, an event held in parallel to Taipei Game Show 2023, FromSoftware producer Yasunori Ogura discussed the development of Armored Core VI (thanks Gematsu), revealing aspects of the game such as its difficulty and the always-addictive customisation element.

On the link between Fires of Rubicon and the rest of the Armored Core series, Ogura said: “In terms of actual storyline, there is no direct connection between V and this latest title, which means there is no need to have played previous titles in the series.” There have been 15 games in the Armored Core franchise, with the most recent, Armored Core: Verdict Day, released back in 2013.

Die-hard fans will be reassured to know that customisation remains at the (excuse the pun) core of the experience, with the choices made while tinkering having a greater effect on the battlefield. Ogura explains that "you will see how changing parts affects the action elements. The action and customization elements really do work together symbiotically, and I really think this is the most important thing. Defining the parameters that govern this relationship was absolutely key.”

Customisation will also be essential to progression, as famously, FromSoftware likes to punish the unprepared. That trend looks to continue in Fires of Rubicon, with Ogura noting that "our approach to the issue of difficulty level in Armored Core VI is slightly different to other titles, in that the most distinctive feature of the Armored Core series is the combination of parts to customize the player’s mech. As this lies at the title’s core, it is really the adjustment of these parts that is the key to overcoming difficulties within the game."

Finally, it looks like FromSoftware will take what it has learned from titles like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Dark Souls and applied it to boss design in Fires of Rubicon. Ogura explains that "boss battles in FromSoftware games often require close observation of enemy movements, to catch that little tell so you know just when to attack, and how best to make your move. That’s certainly the case again in this title."

These are words that the FromSoftware faithful like to hear, and we can't wait to see what the finished game looks like in action. Armored Core VI is due out in 2023 for PS5 and PS4. Are you looking forward to this mech epic? Gird your loins for war in the comments section below.