The Witcher 3 PS5 New Patch

As was hinted at by CD Projekt Red last week, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition — more commonly known as the game's 'next-gen update' — will be getting a patch in the near future. According to a new social media post from the developer, said patch is coming "very soon". It could be that it's in the certification process right now, and will drop next week.

The timing makes sense, seeing as The Witcher 3's upgrade just received a physical release — although it's obviously a bit of a shame that this update didn't arrive beforehand.

So what's this patch going to do, anyway? Well, while The Witcher 3's PS5 version does look great, and generally speaking, it runs really well, it's not without flaws. In particular, some of the game's environments have noticeable pop-in problems, and it remains a fairly buggy release. Players have also reported issues with the title's dedicated 'quality' mode, which can have a disappointingly negative impact on the frame rate.

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Hopefully we get some patch notes soon. What do you want from this update? Remember to meditate in the comments section below.