Stellaris is a game which has received a bunch of support over the years, and it seems like the team over at Paradox isn't done with the sci-fi grand strategy title just yet. Originally launching on PC back in 2016, it jumped to console in 2019 in the form of Stellaris: Console Edition.

The First Contact Story Pack is the next piece of content on the horizon, and as each previous piece of DLC has made its way to console, it's fairly safe to assume this one will too. We don't have a firm release date yet, but First Contact will expand the scope of the base game by introducing new origins, narrative events, and technology, such as cloaking devices for your ships. There will also be new interaction options for contact with pre-FTL civilisations; will your arrival be met with celebration or global panic?

Are you a fan of Paradox's particular style of grand strategy, like the well-received Crusader Kings 3: Console Edition? Or is it a level of complexity best reserved for PC? Think carefully before committing in the comments section below