No Heroes Allowed PSP Classic PS5 PS4 PS Plus Trophies Patch
Image: Push Square

It didn’t get off to the best start, but Sony does appear to be quietly correcting PS Plus Premium’s biggest issues. The last drop included a decent number of classics, while the platform holder has fixed some of the NTSC and PAL issues that plagued the launch period. And now, it appears to be casually rolling out Trophies for some of the first-party titles that originally launched without them.

Earlier in the week, Super Stardust Portable was nonchalantly updated to include a spangly Platinum pot, and oddball strategy outing No Heroes Allowed appears to have been next in line. The former PSP release has been patched to include 39 gongs, and they don’t look terribly taxing – although you will, understandably, have to commit a few hours of time to the title to collect them all.

There are still several PS1 and PSP games that don’t have Trophies, of course, and there’s no guarantee Sony will ever update them all – but this is still refreshing to see. Hopefully the manufacturer can continue to improve the cadence of classic releases and modernise them with digital gongs – it adds real replay value to these older titles, after all.