Syphon Filter / Ape Escape PS1
Image: Push Square

When Sony began introducing retro games to PS5 and PS4 with its PS Plus Premium service, fans in Europe were disappointed to find they're the PAL versions. This means they run at 50Hz, while the American NTSC versions run much more smoothly at 60Hz. The company said it would resolve this oversight, and it looks like we're finally starting to see this come to fruition.

Both Syphon Filter and Ape Escape, PS1 fan favourites, have been updated on PS5 and PS4 today, introducing the NTSC option. If you hit Options, you can swap between 50Hz and 60Hz, with the latter resulting in a smoother experience.

Ape Escape NTSC / PAL PS5 PS4
Image: Push Square

These are the second and third games on Sony's top PS Plus tier to get this treatment. Syphon Filter 2 also lets you swap between the two versions, and as mentioned, the platform holder intends to roll out a similar update to other classic games. It is happening, then — just quite slowly.

Anyway, are you happy to see these games get the NTSC version in Europe? Warp into the comments section below.