Super Stardust Portable PS Plus Premium

Super Stardust Portable, originally released on PSP and added to the PS Plus Premium Classics Catalogue in 2022, just got full Trophy support. This was previously thought to be impossible and marks the first time that a PlayStation Classic from the Premium catalogue has had Trophies added retroactively. This is not a drill; we repeat, this is not a drill!

The Trophy list in question just popped over at PSNProfiles, and it does indeed include that coveted Platinum. Hopefully, this means we will see other Classics get the same treatment, but there is no telling which titles will or when. Or maybe this is just some bizarre one-off, who knows? We live in a brave new world.

What do you think of this Super Stardust Portable's surprise Trophy refresh? Which other Classic titles would you like to see get the Platinum treatment? Get your hopes up in the comments section below.