Taito’s iconic puzzle titles Puzzle Bobble 2X and Puzzle Bobble 3 – perhaps better known to Westerners as Bust-a-Move 2 and Bust-a-Move 3 – will match colours and pop onto the PS Store from 2nd February as part of City Connection’s expanding S-Tribute catalogue. This bundle will include the original Japanese arcade releases, as well as various home console ports, which add extra modes and features.

In the case of Puzzle Bobble 2X, for example, that includes an Edit Mode, where you can create your own patterns, while Puzzle Bobble 3 has a Challenge Mode featuring over 1,000 stages designed by fans at the time. All of the games will include contemporary quality of life options as part of their emulation, including save states, scanlines, and, of course, rewind. There’s no price, but other S-Tribute entries sell for £11.99/$17.99, although it should be noted that the double-header featuring Layer Section and Galactic Attack costs a little more, and that could also be the case here.

[source youtube.com, via gematsu.com]