PS Plus

Sony announced the lineup of PS5, PS4, and Classic games coming to PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium for January 2023 earlier today, but now it's had to remove one. The PS Blog post has issued an update that explains it "incorrectly announced" Sayonara Wild Hearts would be coming to the service this month. Therefore, it will no longer be available for download on 17th January 2023 via an active membership.

Quite how Sony managed to wrongly announce a game for PS Plus Extra we don't know, but the end result is the exact same: Sayonara Wild Hearts isn't coming to the service next week. Perhaps it was actually supposed to be included in an update for another month or something.

PS Blog Quote

It's a shame too because the title is a fairly unique one that plays like an interactive music video. "A literal emotional journey that takes you through the highs and lows of falling in and out of love, Sayonara Wild Hearts is a vibrant and creative rhythm game," we explained in our PS4 review. It's £9.49/$12.99 on the PS Store if you still want to play it.