Well, it had temporarily gone quiet [Ahem – Ed] on the Kojima Productions front, but auteur Hideo has dropped one more tease ahead of tomorrow night’s The Game Awards. Previously, he’d posted silhouettes of actresses Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna; now he’s posted a third silhouette with the caption: “’WHO’ ‘WHERE’ ‘HOW’ and now ‘WHY’.”

While the Metal Gear man has multiple projects in the pipeline, it’s becoming increasingly probable this particular product is Death Stranding 2, as there have been numerous leaks relating to the sequel over the past few months. Furthermore, a slew of Sony executives have been descending on the developer’s Tokyo office recently, suggesting some kind of marketing plan is being assembled.

Many are speculating that the third silhouette is Lea Seydoux, who obviously starred in the original Death Stranding game. It’s possible. Either way, we’ll almost certainly find out for sure during The Game Awards tomorrow: host Geoff Keighley was quick to fan the flames, retweeting Kojima’s cryptic message with questions of his own.

[source twitter.com, via twitter.com]