Update #2: Looks like this saga is going to run a little longer. Following her post earlier in the day which included the #DeathStranding hashtag, Kojima Productions producer Kateryna Tarasova has since insinuated she forgot to include a “?” at the end of the game’s name.

Simple oversight or a last-minute save? Either way, the original Twitter post has been removed.

Update #1: Well, there had been some mystery as to whether Hideo Kojima’s cryptic cast photos pertained to a Death Stranding sequel – or another project entirely. However, a producer at Kojima Productions may have cleared up that mystery.

As spotted by Gematsu, Kateryna Tarasova retweeted Kojima’s mysterious photos with the hashtag #DeathStranding attached. “So many questions!” she wrote. “Who’s excited to see what’s coming next?” Well, to be honest, we are Kateryna – at least we can now post about these safe in the knowledge they’re not related to Kojima Productions’ upcoming Xbox project.

Original Story: As previously reported, Elle Fanning will star in Hideo Kojima’s next game – unfortunately, we don’t actually know which game the auteur is referring to. There’s extremely strong speculation that Death Stranding 2 is in development – it recently appeared on a leaked list of PS5 projects, under the codename Ocean – but we know that the ex-Konami man has other titles in the pipeline, including an experience for Xbox.

Elle Fanning Death Stranding 1

That’s not stopping Kojima from continuing to tease, however. With Fanning now officially confirmed, the industry icon has taken to hinting at a new actress in silhouette form on Twitter. While fans have yet to figure this out, the strongest suggestion we’ve seen thus far is Japanese-Australian star Shioli Kutsuna, who most recently featured in Apple TV’s Invasion.

We assume this is all building up to a game announcement, and we’re kinda banking on it being Death Stranding 2 to be honest, otherwise we’re going to end up with egg on our face. The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus did recently let slip that work is underway on the sequel, so here’s hoping this is all connected, eh?

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