Norman Reedus appeared to nonchalantly confirm Death Stranding 2 this week. In an interview, The Walking Dead star revealed that work had “just started” on the Death Stranding sequel, before reiterating the point a second time. The series, developed by Kojima Productions, is directed by auteur Hideo Kojima – who appeared to acknowledge the comments in a Twitter post.

“Go to your private room, my friend,” he said, with heart-eyes and thumbs up emojis. He attached three photos, showing himself grabbing a baseball bat coated in barbed wire and then attacking Reedus with it. In the final picture, the pair appear to have made friends again. It’s obviously cryptic from Kojima, but it’s easy to see what he’s getting at.

There’s actually a little debate online over whether Death Stranding 2 will be published by PlayStation. Sony owns the intellectual property, and Kojima Productions has been using Guerrilla Games’ engine, Decima. But the PC version of the original Death Stranding and its Directors Cut were published by 505 Games, so some are speculating it may have licensed the brand out.

Personally, we think this will be published by Sony across both PS5 and PC, and we’re pretty excited to see what Kojima comes up with. The original game sure had its fair share of flaws, but the concept was so novel and interesting – and, to be honest, it seems ripe for expansion. Who doesn’t want to make more deliveries in the rain?