Kojima Game

Deadpool 2 actor Shiori Kutsuna will join Elle Fanning in a role on Hideo Kojima's next game, it has been confirmed. The actor appears on a page on the Kojima Productions website with the tagline: "Where am I?" A previous teaser confirmed the Super 8 star Fanning will also be part of the project, which is currently unannounced. Widespread rumours suggest it may be Death Stranding 2.

Kojima has recently been meeting up with the likes of Hermen Hulst, Jim Ryan, and other Sony bigwigs, fuelling some speculation that another game is in the works. The Metal Gear Solid maker does have another game in the works with Microsoft, however, so there is a possibility this project doesn't make it to PS5. Although, it is said to be very early in development and would unlikely be teasing actors at this point.

Following the page detailing Kutsuna with the phrase "Where am I?" placed on top, a second screen flashes the text "How Come?" with a new monster just above the Kojima Productions logo. What do you make of all this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[source kojimaproductions.jp]