Splinter Cell BBC Radio 4

There must be something about Splinter Cell in the air at the minute, the people are demanding more Sam Fisher, and by Jove, they are going to get it. A new audio adaptation officially titled Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Firewall is imminent and will begin airing on BBC Radio 4 on 2nd December, and every Friday after at 2.15 pm, running for 30 minutes apiece.

Starring Andonis Anthony as Sam Fisher, a veteran of BBC Radio 4's long-running rural drama The Archers, and Daisy Head as his daughter Sarah, the plot will revolve around Fisher recruiting and training the next generation of Fourth Echelon agents.

In other Splinter Cell news, we recently got to see concept for the upcoming remake of the original game and learned that it would be possible to play the game entirely without killing anyone. In case that wasn't enough for you, there is even an animated series in the works at Netflix.

What do you think of this imminent radio adaptation of Splinter Cell? Will you be tuning in for some high-stakes stealth action in audio form? Listen closely to every last word in the comments section below.

[source bbc.co.uk, via eurogamer.net]