Ubisoft has posted some early concept art of the upcoming Splinter Cell Remake online, marking the first time we have seen Sam Fisher and a number of environments from the thoroughly updated re-release. One shows the stealth master hiding in the rafters of a rooftop, another shows soldiers searching a warehouse in the dead of night, one more perches Fisher on the balcony of a house, and a fourth is what looks like a USA embassy. A final shot has the assassin crouched with his knife at the ready.

Here are all five pieces of concept art:

To mark the series' 20th anniversary — the very first game was released on the Original Xbox on 17th November 2002 in North America — Ubisoft has posted a video celebrating the milestone. Four team members working on the Splinter Cell Remake sit down to discuss the project, revealing "the core of the story [and] the core of the experience will remain as it was in the original game". However, improvements will be made for narrative beats that "may not have aged particularly well".

"We've also been exploring new and innovative tech and ideas as well as features and elements from the other Splinter Cell titles," it's said. It's confirmed the team is still "very early in production", with the prototyping phase underway. "We don't want to rush anything. We want to make sure we absolutely nail the game and we actually do everything in the right way and produce an absolutely stellar quality experience." The Splinter Cell Remake team will be going dark for some time now, so don't expect to see anything new for a while.

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