Splinter Cell Remake PS5 PlayStation

Ubisoft's long-rumoured and recently revealed Splinter Cell remake is one we are looking forward to, and we hope it presages a return to the bad old days of classic stealth action. Supposedly open world, potentially modernised, and already looking gorgeous in concept art, this fresh take on Sam Fisher's origin story can also apparently be completed without violence, with creative director Chris Auty confirming the possibility of a pacifist run.

This news comes from the fantastic Splinter Cell - Celebrating 20 Years of Stealth Action video, in which four of the developers working on the remake sat down and discussed the project for a full 20 minutes, and is well worth a watch if you are at all interested.

In the original 2002 Splinter Cell release, it wasn't possible to complete the game without killing anyone, and apparently, this time around Sam will have more tactical options in his metaphorical arsenal. Auty explains that "stealth is an extremely important pillar for us, and we aim to incorporate modern design philosophies, improving the minute-to-minute stealth gameplay that was so special in the original. Sam, being the ultimate covert field agent, has an enormous array of tools and abilities, gadgets, and movements at his disposal.”

Pacifist runs have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many streamers and speed runners taking the challenge upon themselves as a way to spice things up. Depending on the game, players will often need to get pretty creative to get away with being a peacenik.

Are you excited about the upcoming Splinter Cell remake? Will you attempt a pacifist run, giving those dastardly extremists a chance to reform their wicked ways? Sneak on your most tippy-tippy toes into the comments section below.

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