Horizon Call of the Mountain will launch alongside the PSVR2 headset on 22nd February 2023, Sony has announced. It will be available as a standalone game or bundled in with the device for an extra £40/$40. Given the pricing difference between the two bundles, it would suggest Horizon Call of the Mountain costs £40/$40 on its own, unless Sony is offering a discount on the game if you opt for the more expensive option.

Horizon Call Of The Mountain Keyart PSVR2 2

Developed by both Guerrilla and Firesprite Games, Horizon Call of the Mountain looks like it'll be a real showpiece for the headset, with the campaign lasting roughly seven hours. While you play as a different character, Aloy is confirmed to be part of the experience. Will you be picking the title up alongside the headset? Share your decision in the comments below.

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