Dead Island 2 PS5 PS4

Dead Island 2 has been delayed out of the busy early 2023 release schedule. It will now launch for the PS5, PS4 on 28th April 2023. In a statement on Twitter, Dambuster Studios acknowledged the "irony" of pushing the game back yet again but stressed it needs a bit more time to get things right and release a "game we're proud" of. To make up for the delay, the developer will host a Dead Island 2 gameplay showcase on 6th December 2022, featuring a new trailer and footage.

Originally slated to release on 3rd February 2023, Dead Island 2 would have been going toe to toe with other third-party titles like Dead Space and Hogwarts Legacy. The open world zombie game now has April to itself at the time of writing, but Diablo IV is rumoured to be releasing in that month too. Either way, it's likely to face at least some competition for attention and sales.

Concerning the delay, the Dead Island 2 team said: "It’s not what we wanted to do. We wanted to do it right — announce the game in style, put a release date on it, launch on time and celebrate a job well done. We waited until we were sure of our release date before we announced Dead Island 2. So the irony isn’t lost on us."

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