Horizon Call Of The Mountain Keyart PSVR2

After putting PSVR2 up for pre-order and listing some of its games on the PS Store, Sony now has 10 titles confirmed to launch alongside the headset so far. The platform holder plans to have at least 20 games ready for the release on 22nd February 2023 — from both itself and third parties — so we're looking at maybe half the full launch lineup right now.

At the moment, the PSVR2 launch game lineup is as follows:

One VR game a lot of fans are hoping is added to the PSVR2 launch lineup is Half-Life Alyx, which would go a long way to offering another bigger experience to digest alongside Horizon Call of the Mountain. Whether it actually happens or not remains to be seen, though. What PSVR2 games will you buy alongside the headset so far? Share your complete list in the comments below.

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