Hell has frozen over, the world has stopped spinning, and Valve has announced a new Half-Life game. Out of nowhere, the company behind Steam and a bunch of influential titles has revealed Half-Life: Alyx, a virtual reality sequel to its seminal first-person shooter series. As Valve has a heavy hand in the world of VR with its HTC Vive headsets, there's a question as to which platforms this new game will be released. Will Half-Life: Alyx come to PlayStation 4's PSVR? Let's talk about that now.

Will Half-Life: Alyx release for PSVR?

Currently, we only know for certain that Half-Life: Alyx will release on Steam, supporting only PC VR headsets such as Valve Index, Vive, Oculus, and Windows MR at launch in March 2020. This means you won't be able to play the game on PSVR. However, this doesn't mean you should give up hope for the title to appear on Sony's headset in the future.

It's worth keeping in mind that Valve has released a couple of important games on PlayStation platforms in the past. Most recently on PS3, the company launched The Orange Box, a collection which included many of its most beloved titles, and later on, the brilliant Portal 2. Valve is no stranger to publishing games on consoles.

Of course, this doesn't mean for sure that you'll be able to play Half-Life: Alyx on PlayStation VR. It's likely that Valve will want to keep this game exclusive to Steam, at the very least for a year or so. The bottom line is: don't expect Half-Life: Alyx on PSVR for a good while, but don't count it out either.

Will you be playing Half-Life: Alyx on a PC VR headset, or will you wait to see if it comes to PSVR instead? Wrap your head around that trailer in the comments below.