Ridge Racer 2 PSP

Update #3: It's finally happened, Ridge Racer 2 became available on 20th Dec 2022 via the PlayStation Plus service, assuming you are a PS Plus Premium subscriber. The game looks fantastic, head on over and check it out.

Update #2: This whole thing is a bit of a mess, isn't it? It turns out PS Access wasn't the only place to suggest Ridge Racer 2 was coming this month. Over on PlayStation Japan's blog, it also said the Bandai Namco racer would be joining PS Plus Premium in October. Unfortunately, mention of the game has also been removed.

To be perfectly clear: despite claims from multiple official sources, we won't be getting Ridge Racer 2 yet. It's clearly in the pipeline, but it won't be joining the membership plan this month.

Update: The video mentioning Ridge Racer 2 has been taken down. Presumably, then, PS Access were mistaken. As you were!

Original Story: It's never simple with PS Plus anymore, is it? There's always a little bit of confusion or some caveats in the small print that make Sony's subscription service a headache. Here's a classic example: PlayStation Access, an official YouTube channel for the platform, states PSP classic Ridge Racer 2 is part of the Premium collection for October.

It's a little confusing, as over on the PS Blog's rundown of this month's PS Plus Extra and Premium games, there's no mention of the Bandai Namco racer at all. It's unclear whether PS Access has slipped up in its video, or the game was mistakenly left out of the blog post.

We know the game will be coming to PS Plus Premium eventually, as it was one of the first titles leaked for the service. It also appeared on a listing for Italy a few months ago, so it's definitely hovering around. It would certainly be nice if Ridge Racer 2 joined the selection this month, as we're otherwise looking at another update devoid of classic software.

Hopefully this will be cleared up soon, anyway. Would you like to play Ridge Racer 2 on modern consoles? Drift into the comments section below.

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