Ridge Racer 2 PSP PS5 PS4 1

Ooh, boy – we hope you’ve got one of those battery-operated pocket fans handy, because retro PSP title Ridge Racer 2 is looking hot upressed on PS5 and PS4. These screenshots have been scraped directly from the PS Store, so are official images that the publisher’s using to promote the game – but it’s clear Sony’s emulator is putting in some work.

While the user interface is grainy and clearly upscaled from the portable’s native resolution, the actual in-game graphics are pretty tasty. The game’s running at what appears to be at least 1080p, with the image quality greatly improved as a result. Obviously this higher resolution does expose some of the flaws of the original textures, but the improvements are vast, particularly in the scenery screenshots.

If this is representative of what we can expect from Sony’s revitalised retro efforts – and, remember, we still need to see the game in motion before making any firm judgments – then this could be one of the better initiatives the platform holder has introduced in some time. Ridge Racer 2 is an extraordinary game by the way, and it’s just one of many classics set to be included with All PS Plus Games.

[source resetera.com]