A generation of people grew up on a healthy diet of DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein, and Unreal Tournament. Some of them are now in the industry, and are drawing on those late 90s memories to create retro-tinged first-person shooters with modern sensibilities. These so-called boomer shooters are rife at the moment, and Prodeus looks like a fantastic example.

The game leaves early access with its 1.0 launch on 23rd September 2022, in just a few days, and it's confirmed for both PS5 and PS4. Developed by Bounding Box Software, featuring staff with impressive FPS games on their CVs, Prodeus is a robust title with a campaign you can play alone or in four-player co-op, as well as competitive multiplayer. Modes include 16-player deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, and more.

Beyond that, the game features a full-on level editor to allow players to make their own maps and modes. With a cross-platform map browser, you'll have no shortage of new challenges to tackle.

We're probably most excited about a modern take on old-school arena multiplayer, but it all looks very polished. The pixelated style combines with 3D models for a very effective style, and the gunplay looks suitably chunky. It's only a few days out — are you excited for Prodeus? Reload in the comments section below.

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