The so-called 'boomer shooter' is a common sight these days — retro-styled blast-'em-ups that promise the pixelated thrills of early DOOM games and their ilk. Prodeus is one such project — a straightforward take on the genre that can set its stall with a single screenshot; this is the definition of a boomer shooter.

But what a shooter it is. Prodeus is a lovingly crafted homage to the golden oldies, decked out with some welcome modern sensibilities. Its level-by-level campaign — which lasts a decent five hours or so — takes you through a slew of demon-infested stages, complete with secret paths, hidden weapons, and all that good stuff.

It's the feel that Prodeus truly nails, though. Whether you're unloading a clip into an ugly creature or zipping around a room in an a desperate attempt to find a health pickup, the game feels fantastic to play. Super smooth, but satisfyingly punchy when the combat kicks in. The visuals are also a key part of the equation, with gory death animations adding so much to the moment-to-moment carnage.

Oh, and once you've had your fill of the campaign (which, by the way, is playable in co-op for up to four friends), you can dive into community created levels, or even take the fight online in competitive multiplayer. Prodeus is a shockingly complete package, then — easily one of the most robust and refined indies we've enjoyed in ages.

There's no denying that Prodeus is derivative, but that's not necessarily a problem when the end result is this well realised. An absolute blast from start to finish.