Killzone Shadow Fall PS4

PS4 launch game Killzone Shadow Fall and its standalone co-op mode Intercept, PS Vita title Killzone Mercenary, and PSVR experience RIGS: Mechanized Combat League have now all been taken offline. Guerrilla Games announced the server shutdowns would be carried out in a tweet last month, and it has now followed through to leave only the single player offering of each game left.

Killzone Shadow Fall, Killzone Mercenary, and RIGS all have offline campaigns to play through, so there's still some merit to booting them up and seeing what's what. However, the standalone co-op game for Shadow Fall named Intercept was entirely online. With the servers gone, the PS4 app is essentially a dud. It's being taken off PS Plus Extra as a result.

Of course, these server shutdowns are just the latest in a long line from Sony. Other games taken offline recently include Everybody's Golf, Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice, and LittleBigPlanet. Did you manage to unlock all the online Trophies before these titles waved goodbye to their multiplayer? Mourn these losses in the comments below.