Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022
Image: Push Square

Despite the fact that Summer Game Fest 2022 felt worryingly flat at times, Geoff Keighley has somehow managed to promise a two-hour show for Gamescom Opening Night Live, which takes place on the 23rd August. The man himself also promises over 30 games on stage, and an in-person audience of thousands. It certainly sounds impressive!

Of course, our worry is that there won't actually be much to shout about during this show. As mentioned, the Summer Game Fest stream β€” and many of the individual events that surrounded it β€” lacked big announcements, even though it was meant to be something of a replacement for E3. We just don't see how Geoff can put on another show just a couple of months later and expect to blow people's minds β€” especially when publishers will surely be eyeing The Game Awards 2022 as the best venue for their most important reveals.

We'd obviously love to be wrong, but we'd recommend tempering your expectations for this one. And if you're still not keen on sitting through a two-hour stream, you can always just check out all of our coverage here on Push Square once it's over.