PS Plus Extra Premium

When will the new PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium games be announced? This is a question that we've been asked loads of times since the new tiers launched, so we wanted to try and make an educated guess.

As we all know by this point, the monthly PS Plus Essential titles are officially announced the Wednesday before the first Tuesday of a new month. That first Tuesday is when the games are actually made available on the PlayStation Store. So, for example, July 2022's PS Plus Essential games were announced on Wednesday 29th June. They were made available to download on Tuesday 5th July.

Now then, with that well established pattern in mind, what do we know about the PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium games? Sony has already confirmed that new titles for both of the new tiers will be added monthly, just like with PS Plus Essential. However, Extra and Premium's games will be announced at a different time, "in the middle of the month", according to Sony.

Okay, so what constitutes as "the middle of the month"? Well, let's look at the facts: anticipated PS5 and PS4 indie title Stray will be added to PS Plus Extra on the day of its release — that's the 19th July, which just so happens to be a Tuesday.

It's assumed that new Extra and Premium games will arrive on the third Tuesday of each month, which would mean that the accompanying announcement needs to happen very soon. It's entirely possible that confirmation will drop on the Wednesday prior — that's the 13th July.

It's currently unknown how big these updates will be, by the way. We can't really see Sony adding new games in bulk, but if it wants to keep subscribers invested in the new PS Plus tiers, it can't afford skimp on the goods. In any case, we should soon have a much better idea of how it all works. In the meantime, feel free to give our massive All PS Plus Games guide a look if you want much more information on the service.

What are you hoping for from PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium? Keep dreaming in the comments section below.