PS Plus

The list of PS5, PS4 games coming to PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium later this month may have been leaked ahead of time by a ResetEra poster. From user BlackBate — who has been on the money with their leaks in the past after looking through their post history — says the following games are coming to the service for July 2022:

BlackBate clarified this is only "some" of the games that make up the list for the month, and that they'll all be added to the service on Stray's release date: 19th July 2022. We speculate the lineup could be officially announced on the Wednesday prior to the drop.

As for whether you should believe these claims, we would advise caution — we always do with these sorts of rumours. It doesn't come from the usual, reliable PS Plus leaking source of Dealabs, but BlackBate's post history does suggest they're someone in the know. They accurately shared details on Death Stranding Director's Cut ahead of time, knew about Skull and Bones' re-reveal yesterday, and have leaked information on a Microsoft Flight Simulator expansion before its announcement.

If the list proves to be true, then it looks like the first drop will lean heavily on the Ubisoft+ Classics program that's been rolled into PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium. However, since the leaker says this is only part of the lineup, there could well be more to come for the month ahead. As such, the list of All PS Plus Games could grow pretty significantly.

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