Asura's Wrath PS3 PS Plus DLC 1

If you intend to cloud stream games with PS Plus Premium, then keep in mind that DLC won’t be supported – regardless of whether you own it or not. Sony confirmed in a wide-ranging PS Blog post this week that “DLC and add-on content is not supported when streaming a title”. This applies to both PS4 and PS3 games, although in the case of the former you will of course be able to use DLC when games are downloaded and installed natively on your console.

This was a problem with PS Now and hasn’t been solved, which is unfortunate considering Microsoft’s own cloud initiative already overcame this. In the case of some All PS Plus Games confirmed to be part of the service, VGC rightly points out that titles like Asura’s Wrath have chunks of their story locked behind DLC which you won’t be able to purchase or access with PS Plus Premium. It’s yet another unfortunate oversight in a service seemingly smattered in asterisks.

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