Rockstar promised we’d get word of a major GTA Online update soon, and here it is: The Criminal Enterprises is coming on 26th July. For the most part this is promising new activities for existing business owners, and some quality of life improvements – like the ability to finally run your companies in Invite Only sessions, without the threat of griefers. But there’s also some new story content, in the form of the one-to-four player Operation Paper Trail.

Much like the rest of the world, it seems Los Santos is experiencing a bit of a gas price crisis: “The Southern San Andreas economy is in crisis. Gas prices have spiked to their highest levels in decades, retail supply chains are in turmoil, and to top it off a ferocious heatwave is gripping the state. Executives, Bikers, Nightclub Owners, and Gunrunners are making the most of the chaotic conditions. Meanwhile, the sudden spike at the pumps has caught the attention of the IAA, who suspect the corrupt Duggan petrochemical family are rigging the system in their favour, and they’re going to need you to help them put the pieces together.”

All of the aforementioned businesses will have extra activities to enjoy. For example, those with an Executive Office will be able to launch new Special Cargo missions and will be able to complete new delivery tasks from their warehouses to the docks. Bikers, meanwhile, will be able to modify and deliver motorcycles to clients, as well as complete new Clubhouse Contracts and run bar supply missions.

In addition, Gunrunners will be able to tackle new Resupply missions, while fresh Club Management objectives will give Nightclub owners additional things to do. You’ll even be able to chaperone trouble makers out of your elite venue.

This is all in addition to the aforementioned Operation Paper Trail missions, new vehicles, and rebalanced gameplay on the infamous Oppressor Mk II. Rockstar is also increasing the payouts on pretty much all aspects of the game to make them more rewarding, including the original Heists and Adversary Modes. Will you be stomaching the gas prices to return to Los Santos? As mentioned previously, the update’s due on 26th July.