Fall Guys has been pumping on all cylinders lately. The colourful battle royale recently went free-to-play, leading to a massive influx of players, although the new model has led to some unforeseen progression issues.

Today we learned that a new event is in the offing. It's called the Abstergo Challenge, and it brings back a fan-favourite game mode (Sweet Thieves) and introduces iconic skins from Assassins Creed: Valhalla in the form of Odin the All-Father and protagonist Eivor Wolf-Kissed.

In Sweet Thieves, players are divided into two teams. The Thieves must use stealth, guile, and all manner of chicanery to rob candied treasures from the Guardians, who must attempt to stop them.

You can see how this fits the Assassins Creed schtick, although no stealth kills are allowed. There will be new challenges to complete, skins to unlock, and cosmetics to work towards.

The Abstergo Challenge will run from 7-11 July.

Are you keeping up to date with Fall Guys? Will you be undertaking the Abstergo Challenge? Sneak your way into the comments section below.

[source fallguys.com, via youtu.be]