Uncharted Movie 1
Image: Sony Pictures

The Uncharted Movie has been a huge hit for Sony, with its theatrical run reeling in over $400 million. Now the film is set to earn a few more fans, as it leaps to Netflix for its streaming debut. According to What’s on Netflix, the movie will be available for members in the US to watch from 15th July. It’s currently unclear whether this date will also apply in the UK, but we’ll contact PR and try to get confirmation.

Last year, Sony Pictures signed a deal with Netflix granting it streaming dibs on the studio’s films, meaning it was only a matter of time before Nate Drake and co made the jump. Ultimately, we enjoyed the Uncharted Movie in our review; while it didn’t necessarily feel essential, it was a fun and entertaining popcorn adventure. It seems audiences agreed.

It’ll be interesting to see whether a sequel gets the go-ahead. Sony did describe it as a “new hit movie franchise” in an internal email, and it’s upping its output of PlayStation adaptations as a result. In fact, Netflix has dibs on a Horizon Zero Dawn show, while The Last of Us is coming to HBO and Twisted Metal will be available on Peacock. Sony Pictures is playing the field right now.

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