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In a recent Q&A with investors, Sony has now confirmed the existence of TV adaptations for three of its major PlayStation franchises. God of War, which had previously been reported, Horizon, and Gran Turismo will all be getting TV shows.

Unfortunately the original source doesn't appear to be accessible online, but ResetEra user Nightengale was watching the Q&A live, and has relayed the information. As was already known, the God of War show will land at Amazon Prime, while Horizon's adaptation will apparently be shown on Netflix. Gran Turismo's TV series doesn't have a confirmed distribution partner yet.

All of these are presumably in very early production. Currently, PlayStation Productions is working on the HBO adaptation of The Last of Us, as well as Peacock's Twisted Metal show. As for exactly what each of these newly unveiled series will look like, we don't know — the only information we currently have is that they're in development. Still, it's very interesting to imagine what they might involve; will they be live action, or could we possibly see Sony take things in another direction with animation?

What do you think? Are you excited about any of these TV adaptations? Speculate away in the comments section below.

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