Uncharted Movie
Image: Sony Pictures

The Uncharted movie has its critics, but cinema-goers have clearly not been dissuaded. The action flick based on Nathan Drake's globetrotting adventures has been a hit in theatres, quickly becoming one of the most successful video game adaptations. The global box office figure has also recently reach a big milestone.

According to Forbes, the movie has just crossed over $400 million worldwide. Among other video game films, this puts Uncharted behind Warcraft, Rampage, and Detective Pikachu, with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 catching up. Apparently, Uncharted's box office gross is on pace with sci-fi movie Dune.

Sony will surely be pleased with this result, especially considering how long the film spent in the works. A sequel is inevitable, and not just because of the tell-tale post credits scene. As for us, we called it an "explosive joyride through idyllic backdrops with plenty of eye-candy" in our Uncharted movie review.

Did you enjoy this one? Are you surprised at its success? What do you want from the sequel? Discuss in the comments section below.

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