PSN Licence Issue

Update: Thankfully, an odd PSN issue that was preventing PS5 and PS4 users from playing digital games seems to have been mostly fixed, roughly two hours after reports started coming in. You can read more about the unusual problem in the original article below.

Original Story: Over the last hour or so (at the time of writing), reports of PlayStation Network issues have exploded — despite Sony's own PSN Service Status website saying that everything's good to go. Weirdly, though, this isn't about problems signing in, or online multiplayer being down — the usual stuff that happens when PSN is acting up. It's actually to do with game licences.

Basically, PS5 and PS4 users can't play their digital games. Try to boot something up, and you get hit with a message that reads: "Can't use this content. Can't connect to the server to verify your licence. Wait a while then try again."

Usually, this is a message that appears when your account isn't activated as the primary account on your console, and you're not connected to the internet in order to verify your games. However, right now, the message seems to be showing up regardless of your account situation. It's definitely some kind of problem on PlayStation's end.

We don't quite know how widespread this issue currently is, but we do know that complaints are starting to flood social media, and sites like Down Detector are showing a huge surge in reports. Let's hope that it gets sorted out soon.

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