We haven't heard a peep about Season for quite some time now, so it's good to see the project is still alive. This narrative adventure game was revealed in 2020, and it appears it's very nearly ready for prime time. A new trailer, embedded above, reveals an Autumn 2022 release window.

To recap, Season: A Letter to the Future casts you as Estelle, a woman who leaves her home to explore the wider world before the titular season changes — a big event in this universe. As written on the PS Blog, the core gameplay focuses on exploring the world, recording things, and conversing with other characters as you learn about the mystery of the land.

It appears you'll be able to cycle around pretty freely, but can hop off whenever you like to document or record your surroundings. Estelle has access to various tools that help her take note of the things she sees and hears. The game looks like a very peaceful experience, and we're super curious to try it out.

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