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TCL Technology, a television and electronics manufacturer, appeared to allude to the release of a hypothetical PS5 Pro during a presentation this week. The supercharged system, spotted as part of a PowerPoint by Polish website PPE and shared by journalist Tom Henderson, is touted by the firm for a 2023 or 2024 release date. It’s also hypothesised that it could support 8K resolution.

Of course, this is clearly just a guesstimate, and the company is unlikely to actually have any inside information. Our guess is that it’s looked at the PS4’s roadmap, and attributed the same to the PS5. However, this generation looks likely to be a lot longer, as PS5 stock shortages mean that the base model is still not readily available – and that’s unlikely to change for some time.

So yes, this is likely very wishful thinking from TCL Technology. Will there be a PS5 Pro at some point? Well, it’s certainly possible, but we’re a long way away from that right now. In our opinion, assuming the stock shortages do settle down, we wouldn’t expect a supercharged model until at least 2025; a smaller, redesigned console could potentially arrive sooner if the semi-conductor situation improves, though.

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