PS Plus Extra Premium Release Dates
Image: Damien McFerran / Push Square

We already knew that Sony was targeting a number of June 2022 release dates for the new PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers — but until now, these dates weren't set in stone. Fortunately, Sony's been able to stick to its schedule, with the overhauled service's re-reveal confirming that the estimated dates will hold.

So, to recap, here's when PS Plus Extra and Premium launch across various regions:

  • Asia - 24th May
  • Japan - 2nd June
  • North and South America - 13th June
  • Europe, Australia, New Zealand - 23rd June

Given that Extra and Premium arrive in Asia in just over a week, we should soon have a much better idea of what games will be included. Sony has only shared a partial list of PS5, PS4, PS3 (via streaming), PS2, PS1, and PSP titles so far, but many more have been promised. It's entirely possible (and very likely) that different regions will end up with different selections, as this is already the case with the current PS Plus model.

So yeah, not long to go. How do you feel about the new PS Plus? Give us a plus or minus in the comments section below.