Bloodborne PC 1

Sony’s PC strategy is off to a sturdy start, with Days Gone and God of War closing on one million units apiece – and Horizon Zero Dawn already way over two million units. The company pulled a cool $80 million on PC in its fiscal year ending 31st March, 2022 – and it’s predicting revenue in the region of $300 million for the current business year.

This is all cumulative, of course, so catalogue content will continue to sell – but it suggests the organisation has more major PC ports in the pipeline. It sounds like the company’s upcoming live service titles – of which it expects to release two more during the current fiscal year – will release day-and-date on PC, as well as PS5 and PS4. Of course, acquisition target Bungie could also play a role here.

PC, along with mobile, forms part of Sony’s plan to bring PlayStation outside of its traditional console ecosystem. The firm is going through something of a reinvention at the moment, which it hopes will result in the expansion of its brand. While the estimated PC revenue figures are quite small in the grand scheme of things, it’s a growth vector that the company hadn’t really explored before – until now.