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Update: Just as we were going to press, more photos from The Last of Us TV show have started to circulate showcasing the suburbs section of the story, where in the game Joel must pick off foes with a sniper rifle. Again, the sets look spot-on compared to the game:

Original Story: HBO and PlayStation Productions are still shooting The Last of Us, but the project is now finally nearing its conclusion. And here’s a fresh batch of photos from the set, revealing a key location from the plot. For those of you who’ve played the game, it’s Saint Mary’s Hospital, the Firefly stronghold from which Joel must rescue Ellie.

To be honest, this looks impressively authentic – even if we didn’t know these pictures were taken from The Last of Us TV show, we’d still say they bear a striking resemblance. Shooting started on the series last July, so this has been an incredibly long project – but we fully expect the final product to satisfy both newcomers and veteran fans.

As of the time of writing, there’s no release date attached to the adaptation, but it’s expected to launch some time in 2023. Naughty Dog, meanwhile – who’s been irritatingly quiet of late – is believed to be working on a remake of the original The Last of Us, as well as a standalone multiplayer game spin-off. Exciting times ahead, then.

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