The PS Plus games for May 2022 have been officially announced, and, you won't believe it, but the leak was right. Who saw that one coming?!

As per usual, subscribers are getting three games across PS5 and PS4. The selection is as follows...

Now, at first glance, this is looking like a pretty good month — but then most of us here at Push Square are big football fans. Indeed, the inclusion of a sports title — as the headline act, no less — is bound to rub some people the wrong way.

But hey, at least Tribes of Midgard and Curse of the Dead Gods are quite highly rated. The former is an addictive, co-op enabled action RPG with some survival elements thrown in. Sony even promoted Tribes quite heavily before it released. The latter, meanwhile, is very comparable to something like Hades — a stylised action title that hinges on dungeon crawling mechanics.

We thought EA Sports' soccer sim was a return to form in our FIFA 22 PS5 review: "FIFA 22 feels like real football, and it’s all the better for it. Impressive improvements to player positioning, ball physics, and animations make for a supremely satisfying simulation that underpins each of the franchise’s flagship modes. Career Mode doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but the ability to create a club is entertaining, and the changes to Player Careers are overdue. Microtransactions still rule supreme in Ultimate Team, and you’ll already have your own personal opinions on that, but there’s so much to do in this year’s release that you could easily invest hundreds of hours into it without seeing a single loot box."

Meanwhile, we tagged our Curse of the Dead Gods PS4 review with a respectable 7/10: "If you want a dungeon crawler with satisfying gameplay and some unique ideas, this is far from a curse."

All three games will be available to download from next Tuesday, the 3rd May.

What are your first impressions of next month's PS Plus games? Give us an honest reaction in the comments section below, and don't forget you can find a list of All PS Plus Games through the link.