Graphics engine Unity has been showcasing its tech improvements through cinematic demos for several years now, and Enemies is its latest effort. The short clip shows an intimidating lady playing chess in a posh, art deco room that transforms into a Wayne Manor-style elevator. Many of the improvements centre on skin shaders and tension tech, helping to create more lifelike and believable faces.

There are raytraced reflections, too, and the demo is also using DLSS to reconstruct the image at 4K without any loss to detail. One other thing worth paying attention to is the hair: “For the protagonist’s highly realistic locks, the demo team and Unity’s research and development team collaborated on an all-new hair solution for authoring, importing, simulating, and rendering strand-based hair.”

As you’d probably expect, this is all running on a top-end PC, but Unity says that it’s prepared various other versions optimised for lower hardware targets, including consoles like the PlayStation 5. It’ll be on display all week in the Unity booth at GDC. Obviously don’t expect games to look like this for quite some time – this has been created to promote a graphics engine, after all – but it should give you a taste of where we’re headed.